Matte Black Applicator

Matte Black Applicator

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Applicator Description

Lashes are always fabulous, but be warned, they can smell fear! We have all been there...the glue is starting to dry and your palms are starting to sweat. The lashes aren't sitting where you wanted them to, you start feeling like they aren't cut to size properly. Your nails are getting in the way, you don't want to ruin your eyeliner. You are now at the point of not going and staying home and wiping all your hard work make up off! Trust us, we get it and have all been here! 

That is where this beautiful, flawless accessory comes into play. The applicator is shaped to hold your lashes without bending them and it has a matte finish to ensure the glue doesn't stick to anything other than your already beautiful lashes. Think of the applicator as an over-sized gift from the tweezers gods!