About Whip Lashes

Who we are
We are an Australian based cosmetics company supplying only cruelty free, top quality eyelashes. We all love animals and it isn't fair that just because they don't have a voice to say no, humans test on animals. 
You will agree once you have tried our lashes that they are nothing but the finest quality and super luxurious. 

What does the Fred Hollows Foundation mean to us
In this world, we are all on batting for the same team and need to look out for one another. We strongly believe in helping people a lot less fortunate than us and that is where the Fred Hollows Foundation come in! $1 from every single sale gets donated to this amazing charity to help put an end to avoidable blindness to people in need. 

Supplying the whole world with amazing lashes
We are in this WORLD together! So we of course ship to the entire world! 

Why so many choices
We know not everyone has the same taste, eyes or opinions. So we have tried to make it easy and accommodate everyone. Whether you are after the big bang and most dramatic lashes out there or the beautiful elegant lashes for your corporate event or wedding, we have got what you need...oh and everything in between of course.